As we celebrate the first 10-days of Joe Biden and his administration, applauding the handbrake turn from Donald Trump’s term, we’ve never been more divided by opinions yet united by the hope of battling for the soul of our nation and planet.  


For me, now is when the year of hope, purpose, ownership and action has begun, our decade of delivery – Happy 2021 everyone!


That also makes me chuckle a little at the thought of Barney’s theme song – I Love You, You Love Me, We’re a happy family that I must have enjoyed with my son Felix over a decade and a half ago. He’s a fine 17-year-old young man now preparing for college now and as a proud father, while I’m excited about the transition it also worries me – would blunders of our generation be burdens faced by theirs?


As rightfully recited by Amanda Gorman during the inauguration ceremony “ There is always light if only we’re brave enough to see it. If only we are brave enough to be it”. If we are part of the system we’ve been waiting for all along to take ownership of, isn’t it time to take action? We might have inherited or done a lot of things wrong but collectively we can still be successful.


 Most of us want to take action, however, we are often uncomfortably numb due to the lack of knowledge, access or motivation. The quest that a year back inspired my second book – Small Actions Big Difference has only become stronger.


With the launch of The CB Suite – A fortnightly knowledge series, I invite you to join me in applauding leaders for their ambitious visions, celebrate global innovators, simplify complex jargons and identify action cues that will help go beyond advocacy. We certainly do not have the time to waste, be bystanders or blame others for their lack of action, we are the system and we have to be the solution.  


 By sharing knowledge bytes, leadership insights, innovation highlights and author notes every fortnight (1st and 15th of each month) I hope to help expand our impact sphere and put purpose at the centre of our existence. Over time, I shall unravel the complexities that surround sustainability and climate action, enable ownership and build a community that leverages corporate sustainability to drive business and societal value.  


Join the Movement Of the grand shift from momentum to a movement!


Contribute: If you have ideas, solutions or concepts you’d want to suggest, feel free to drop me a note on Together we shall build back stronger.