New Delhi – National CSR Summit

The Summit is an annual flagship event and a key platform developed by CII to reflect and deliberate on furthering the CSR movement. Chaired by senior industry leaders, previous editions of the Summit have been graced by distinguished personalities as the Guests of Honor, including the President of India, Union Ministers and eminent business leaders.

The CSR policy which was introduced in 2014 has become the most elaborate CSR mechanism and has set a benchmark across the world towards engagement of industry with societal development. The legislation, as we witness today, is enabling businesses to leverage and efficiently utilize resources for meaningfully contributing to country’s social development agenda.

We are now witnessing the next wave, where companies are moving beyond compliance to focus on creating a long-term and sustainable impact for the beneficiaries. We are seeing emergence of several emerging models of innovation, partnerships between private and public sector, large-scale collaborations, giving a thrust to the social movement.

For this edition, the theme, CSR: 3.0 – The Road Ahead was chosen to draw the conversation on the changing CSR landscape with key focus on partnerships with government in addressing development issues; future tools and models that will change and strengthen the development eco-system; and alignment of CSR with national policies in achieving the SDGs.

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